Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

Servomax Limited’s three-phase oil-cooled servo stabilizers are efficient, distinctive, and worthy to save several types of electric and electronic appliances. With world-class raw materials, state-of-the-art technologies, and high-end competencies, we manufacture unique products to ensure perfect voltage stabilization in minimum down-time.

Our professional expertise responsibly involves dealing with several insightful impressions including the oil-cooling tubes, servo-motor quality, power-saving techniques, automatic functions, sturdy construction, and so on. They not only enable the quality performance of electric equipment but also encourage appropriate power consumption and utilization. As the #1 oil-cooled servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad, we assure reliable product delivery to accommodate power-saving.

To maintain a trusted quality service, we adopt global standardized policies to make up the best three-phase oil-cooled servo stabilizers. Our products that are custom-fit with different capacities ranging up to 5000kVA accommodate amazing applications in domestic, industrial, commercial, and government sectors. They are used in –

  • Industrial Applications
  • Metal Processing Equipment
  • Automobile Equipment
  • IT Applications
  • Elevators
  • Electrical Equipment
  • CNC & VMC Machines
  • Medical Equipment
  • Motor Lab Equipment


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